Spa Services

how to spa

To enhance your spa experience, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. Arriving late will limit your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment. Your treatment will end on time to keep the next client from being delayed. The full value of your treatment will be charged.

To maintain a tranquil environment for both you and our other guests, cell phones must be turned off and may not be used while in our spa. Conversing should be done at the most quiet level possible.

Your spa experience is your time and you should delight in it to the fullest. If at any time you experience discomfort due to room temperature, massage pressure, music volume, etc., please tell your therapist immediately.

half hour massage $50
one hour $70 
hour and a half $95

hot stone massage

Warm basalt stones enhance the healing power of a soothing massage to induce deep relaxation and feelings of peace and well being.
90 minutes $100

headache relief

This treatment is designed for the ‘stressed out’. We start with a pressure point massage on the head, neck, face, and shoulders, followed by a warm foot soak and cold compress in our meditation room.

aloe body wrap

Detoxify your body and lose inches while relaxing in our infused body wraps. Designed to cleanse away toxins and help minimize problem areas, this treatment gives results you will feel and see.
one hour

salt glow body scrubs

Aromatherapy therapy oils combined with sea salts are massaged over the entire body to remove dead skin cells. Then to further release stagnant cells and hydrate the skin you will relax in our steam tent. After a shower you will complete this experience with an application of our vitamin enriched body butters. Your skin will be refreshed and silky smooth. You may choose from the following combinations:
milk and honey, lavender and calendula, green tea and lime leaf, or mango and mandarin
$80 or with an added thirty minute massage $105

mom to be

Give special attention to yourself before your precious baby arrives. This gentle treatment stimulates circulation, improves elasticity, and eases lower back pain and water retention.

refreshing mud treatment body mask

Smooth and nourish the body with one of our three blends of detoxifying muds:
acti sea. The ocean’s most coveted sea treatment. Acti sea mud works to stimulate, firm, and moisturize the baltic. Removes debris and impurities restoring balance and a healthy glow to the skin.
$80 or with an added thirty minutes $105


Stimulates circulation in stagnant cellulite areas and detoxifies the body. By using contour creams, essential oils, and our steam tent you will be rejuvanted and detoxified. Followed by a mud body wrap for firming and toning.
hour and one half

spa parties

We do spa parties for all ages. Call for pricing.

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